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For Parents, Chloe the JUmbo Jet is a great way to introduce your children ages 4-8 to International Travel and Exploration. Chloe the Jumbo Jet helps enhance core academic skills such as geography, language, culture, and history. But it also helps children build important soft skills such as problem solving, helping others, communication, collaboration, and more.

Chloe the Jumbo Jet offers an exciting and fun book series that will be sure to provide an adventurous reading experience. Whether your child decides to embark upon the journey of reading Chloe the Jumbo Jet for themselves, or whether you decide to read Chloe the Jumbo Jet to them as a bedtime story…they are sure to have lofty and adventurous dreams.

Chloe the Jumbo Jet offers fun things to make travel with your child fun, whether its videos or books to keep your child entertained while on a trip, our popular “Kiddie City Guide” which features the best activities to do with your child while visiting a particular destination, or educational activities to orient your child to the language and culture of a city before they arrive.

Chloe the Jumbo Jet also features the first ever Frequent Flyer Club just for children. Through the Chloe the Jumbo Jet Frequent Flyer Club children and parents alike stay abreast of all of the exciting developments with Chloe the Jumbo Jet including new books and learning reinforcement activities, travel and safety videos, and fun products to make traveling fun for you and your child.

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