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The International Passport Agency for Kids is an organization that creates opportunities for children to learn about, interact with, and engage the world around them. We seek to prepare children to be successful in a global world, orienting them to new cultures and languages, inciting them with a passion for travel and exploration, and equipping them with the life skills to lead rich, fulfilling, and successful lives.

To this end, The International Passport Agency for Kids provides these opportunities through 3 core methodologies.

We create educational materials and content, curriculum, and programs designed to teach our core population about the global world. Content focus may include:

  • Travel Skills
  • Language
  • Culture
  • Geography
  • History
  • Landmarks


We create and facilitate opportunities for children to travel internationally in order to experience cultures outside of their own. While we do not offer these services presently, our ultimate vision, through our imagined International Passport Program, we aim to facilitate international travel experiences for youth in our core population.

The International Passport Program will helps students selected to participate in our program to obtain passports or travel visas as appropriate. We help students prepare for international travel experiences by putting each participant through an intensive workshop in which they learn about the language, history, and culture of the destination in advance of their designated trip. Finally, we arrange guided developmentally appropriate travel experiences for youth who successfully complete the core requirements of our preparatory workshop.

We create entertainment content that focuses on educating children about language, culture, history, and geography of foreign destinations. Our content spans several different forms of media, but most poignantly the International Passport Agency creates, publishes and distributes books, interactive web sites, motion pictures, and other forms of intellectual property assets.

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