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Ciandress Jackson, the Author and Creator of the Chloe the Jumbo Jet book series, has always been an avid traveler. At the age of 3, Ciandress had the opportunity to uproot from her home in Newark New Jersey and move to Istanbul, Turkey where she lived until she was 7. Her exposure to travel at an early age not only prepared her for future travel experiences, but it also equipped her with the ability to comfortably interact with people from all different countries, cultures and backgrounds. Ciandress attributes her open mind, her diverse interests, and her enthusiasm to try new things to her early exposure to travel and cultural exploration.

Seeking an opportunity to share her love of travel, airplanes, and rich and diverse cultural experiences, Ciandress envisioned a children’s book series that would orient children to international travel and cultural exploration and inspire them to want to visit unique and exciting destinations throughout the world. It was from that vision that Chloe the Jumbo Jet was born.

Accordingly, Ciandress still displays a child-like fascination with airplanes and recalls one of her favorite Christmas presents being the time when her mom took her to Washington Dulles Airport to watch the jumbo jets take-off and land. Ciandress remarks “I see that same fascination in every child whenever I stroll through an airport or step foot on a plane. I wanted to capture that feeling…that spirit of wonder and amazement, and bottle it up. I wanted to use it to inspire people, promote universal values, develop minds, build experiences, and ultimately make the world a better place”.

Ciandress is currently a Technology Consultant who lives in Atlanta, GA. She holds degrees from the University of Virginia and Keller Graduate school of Management. Ciandress has worked with and mentored children since she was a teenager herself and looks forward to “teaching children to think beyond borders” through her organization, The International Passport Agency for Kids, LLC.

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